Exact Measurement For More Sustainable Innovation and Progress

Coherence Technology and it's practical Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent or exact standard for measuring time.

When A Robot Looks Like A Human...

When a robot looks like a human but is really made of electronic parts, there is a perceptual conflict. The motion of the robot is out of phase with natural motion. In natural biological systems, the parts of the system enjoy a much greater degree of phase coherence than in a robot.  If the phase correlation of the technology could match that of biological systems, the feelings of strangeness would be less likely to arise.

This is the theory proposed by Coherence Industries. There is no reason for our technological creations to be out of phase with natural motion. It happens only as a result of the shortcomings of the measurement system that we use today. It is a measurement system based on approximation.

Natural systems create themselves using automatic computation that takes into account an infinite number of variables, adapting to them all automatically and effortlessly through obedience to the law of least action and gravitational singularity. Spontaneous measurement is absolutely precise. Not in an isolated way. But in an infinitely correlated way; precisely correlated with the entire universe.

This is the kind of complete measurement we need to apply to technology, if we want to correct the mismatch between artificial intelligence and human or cosmic intelligence.

"What we see we become". To avoid becoming artificial, we will surround ourselves with natural motion.

Right now we are surrounded by technology. And the cells in our physiology are reacting to that influence in the same way we react to a robot that looks real...but we know it's artificial.

A small shift in how we do things on a technological level can change the quality of technology to be more natural motion - less 'artificial'. One upgrade to the measurement system to allow spontaneous computation in technology will change our attitude toward robots forever.  

"Consciousness Is More Than Computation"

Bridging the gap between computation and consciousness

There are people who believe computers will go beyond human intelligence and there are those who think humans will always be more intelligent than machines. Ideally the relationship is mutually supportive. We make the machines to help us be more intelligent. As we become more intelligent we continue to make better machines. 

Research shows that artificial intelligence can approach the singularity of human intelligence when we bridge the gap between approximate measurement and exact measurement. Natural systems use the law of least action to measure with absolute precision and support spontaneous self organization.

As we continue to progress in our understanding of how nature works, technological singularity increasingly supports singularity of consciousness. The mind functions with maximum efficiency... it is a matter of learning to use it.