Exact Measurement For More Sustainable Innovation and Progress

Coherence Technology and it's practical Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent or exact standard for measuring time.

Memory Innovation: How Does Technology Influence Memory? How Can The Underlying Memory Field Support Computer Memory?

Do quantum fluctuations hold the memory of what came before? How can we use that already existing memory to better support modern communication systems?

All's well that ends well.  Signal collapses in a smooth way. Noise does not interfere with the collapse...then the emergence of the signal is perfectly aligned with the quantum memory. Not distorted. When the signal emerges from that collapse as the next expression, how smoothly that signal collapsed determines how much quantum memory it was able to access in that collapsed state, and so it will determine how precisely that signal represents the original signal. Repeatability.

Reducing phase noise in electronic signals can help the quality of those signals in that they have greater access to the quantum memory within the signal in its collapsed state. The signal is less noisy and more intelligible. The brain can process it more easily, with less mental effort. When the brain is more settled and more coherent, the brain has greater access to its stored memory.