Exact Measurement For More Sustainable Innovation and Progress

Coherence Technology and it's practical Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent or exact standard for measuring time.

Measurement Error Produces Phase Noise And Limits Technological Progress. 

Is there an easy way to reduce phase noise?  Refine the measurement system by shifting from approximate measurement to exact measurement. That may not seem easy until we realize that exact measurement is used all the time in natural systems.

The following table shows how exact measurement influences various levels of a complex system:




Technological: Nuclear, Nano, Genetic, Chemical, Electrical

Increases Measurement Resolution, Reduces Measurement Error

Increased Signal Integrity, Reduced Noise

Psychological: Cognitive Function

Reduced Mental Effort

Increased EEG Brain Coherence, Alertness

Physiological: Health

Increased Energy Flow

Improved Task Performance, 

Sociological: Interactions

Improved Corporate Culture

More Harmonious relations between managers and workers


Increased Balance In  Ecological systems

Reduced Air Pollution