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Coherence Technology and it's practical Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent or exact standard for measuring time.

Quantum Byte™

Quantum Byte Software™ - An Innovative Breakthrough in electronics has opened the door to stress-free computing. Welcome to a new computing experience. 

Now you can be more productive and feel better while at your computer. Quantum Byte software™ can put an end to computer burnout once and for all. Everytime you turn on your computer, Quantum Byte software™ is running behind the scenes, transparently adding a more superconductive technology to the inner workings of your computer. This super flow on the level of the electronic functioning of your computer gets translated into effortless accomplishment in your daily computing activities. How can a software program have such an all-inclusive effect on the functioning of your computer and your computing experience? By applying cutting edge quantum physics to the microprocessor at the heart of your computer... 

"...the Quantum Byte Software™ neutralizes an inaudible noise found in high speed processing, which is caused by discrepancies of time and amplitude ..." "I noticed the difference within a few hours. I felt clearer, calmer, more relaxed." -Robert P., Computer programmer, Virginia 

"My [computer] screen seemed softer and clearer. It was like some kind of unseen interference dramatically disappeared. I find myself working at the computer four hours straight without strain; that never happened before." -Gloria W., Freelance Writer, Iowa 

"You know how it is when lawnmowers or jackhammers or motorcycles are outside your window and it sounds terrible, and it has been going on so long that you don't consciously notice it, but you just feel irritated? And then suddenly, it stops, and it feels wonderful. That is the before and after difference I felt." -Julie S., Government LabTechnician See, hear, and experience the difference. 

Scientific tests indicate the effects of this technology: Increased signal-to-noise ratio in audio signals/greater clarity and more detailed information 

Increased periodic signal-to-noise in video signals for less visual noise 

Improved task performance 

Increased EEG brain wave coherence for greater creativity and productivity Available for Windows 95 through XP (For Macintosh operating systems - coming soon!) You can start enjoying computer comfort today. 

> Quantum Byte Software™ is: 

> Easy to download and install. 

> Simple to use. It runs automatically in the background. 

No risk 15-day free trial offer. 

Experience the difference, today! 
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Who needs Quantum Byte software™? Anyone and everyone who uses a computer. 

If you spend hours at your computer or just sitting in front of it, you'll treasure the Quantum Byte Software™. 

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