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Coherence Technology with it's practical Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for measuring time.

Quantum Pro

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Looking for a way to get more work done with less stress?

The Quantum Pro™ with Coherence Technology™ has the same sturdy construction and quality engineering as The Quantum Home™ unit but is designed for bigger homes, small offices and stores. If you want a "more productive and harmonious" work environment or if you just want more of the Quantum super force effect in a smaller home, go with the Quantum Pro™.

Mark Barlettani began developing Quantum Products and providing stress-free electricity more than 20 years ago when he discovered that on the quantum mechanical level there is a big difference between natural motion, and the motion used in today’s man-made technologies, such as electricity.  Natural motion is flexible and infinitely correlated with everything in the cosmos. In contrast, the motion created by the scientific formulas currently used in man-made technologies is rigid, isolated, and out of sync with the rhythms and cycles of nature.

Through his research Mark found a way to integrate these two contrasting types of motion with beneficial results on all levels. When he applied his insights to electricity, he found that the electricity flowed more efficiently, the electrical devices worked better, electronic signals were more pleasing and, most surprising to him, he found that the people using the electrical devices felt better around his more coherent electricity. They found they could focus more easily, think better, their creativity flowed more easily, they got more done with less effort, and, best of all, they felt happier.

In addition to these positive experiences, preliminary research indicates increased EEG brain wave coherence, improved galvanic skin response, better task performance, greater productivity, greater harmony between coworkers, and other unexpected results such as greater preference for music played through equipment run on this more coherent electricity, better gas mileage in vehicles, and even plants grow faster and healthier when exposed to electricity that flows in harmony with natural motion.

Mark continues his research and is looking for opportunities to partner with companies or individuals who would like to help him make Coherenc TechnologyTM available on a larger scale for the benefit of the entire society.

In the meantime many discerning people have quietly discovered, mostly through friends, and friends of friends, the line of products that Mark Barlettani has developed during the process of his research.

The Pro is the most powerful of the consumer units that Mark has developed so far. The only product more powerful in creating a bubble of coherence around your space would be the custom-made, special-order commercial units. But the Pro can transform any home or office into a more coherent, supportive environment. We have had positive feedback from people who have used Quantum Products Environmental units in a variety of situations, ranging from homes, offices buildings, restaurants, retail stores, industrial settings and even barns where the cows enjoy the benefits of being surround be a bubble of coherence. 

NEW:  Quantum Pro™

The Quantum Proª  is now twice as powerful as before. Now the Pro can dramatically improve the quality of your environment even if you have lots of electronic equipment in your home or office, or if you share a large building with others, or if your building is srrounded by powerlines or cell phone towers. Or if you simply enjoy having a more powerfully coherent effect.


People have noticed the following benefits: 

>"Increased Creativity and Productivity"
>"Clearer thinking and greater energy" 
>"Reduced eye strain and fatigue while working on computers"
>"Friendlier, more effective communications" 

"...We had 24 people working in a 5500 square foot office with six computers, thirteen terminals, six printers, and six fax lines. The feeling of atmospheric incoherence was unbelievable...I must admit, Iwas a bit skeptical upon hearing about this product, but once it was installed, the results were amazing. Everyone settled down, the feeling in the air was clean and coherent, and people were once again able to do their jobs in an easy and comfortable fashion." -Earl Kaplan, Books Are Fun, Ltd, Iowa 

"A few days after installing the unit I began to notice some very dramatic benefits for the general rapport of my employees. It seemed that everyone was enjoying themselves more and having more fun...one of my senior waiters has shown a dramatic change from complaining all the time to smiles and co-operation. ...on several occasions when peak performance was necessary to meet the demands of a large crowd during the August rush, the cook would have impeccable performance without errors that we would normally expect." -Manager, The Chart House 

"I have had the Quantum Pro™ in my dental office for the past six months. We find that the atmosphere feels more coherent and soothing. There is also an enlivening quality that allows one to be fresher while more relaxed. In my practice which traditionally is one of a stressful nature, these effects are very beneficial. Patients are less anxious and more relaxed. My staff works better, and I personally feel less fatigue and tension at the end of the day. Many patients comment on how our dental office has the most relaxed atmosphere they¹ve ever experienced (for a dental office). The Quantum Pro™ has been a great boon to my business. I would highly recommend it to any business, especially those of a stressful nature." -Robert Yudin D.D.S.

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