Exact Measurement For More Sustainable Development, Innovation, and Progress

A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for measuring time. Download summary of scientific research here.

 Realigning The Modern World With Natural Ecosystems

How Coherence Industries got started...

Improving The Measurement System Improves Efficiency Of Modern Technology 

Before Mark was old enough to attend school, he played in the hills near his home in Northern California. As he played he noticed the quiet organizing power in nature around him accomplishing transformations in an orderly way that had a positive impact on his energy and happiness. He came away from the hills feeling uplifted. 

He had to pass by a power plant on his way to and from his "playground" and he felt the contrast as the quality of his thinking and feeling diminished near modern technologies and was restored in natural surroundings. 

The difference in being surrounded by moden technologies and being immersed in nature triggered life-long research into the difference between motion found in nature and technologically generated motion.

He found that the products and services of modern technologies are not performing as smoothly as natural phenomena. What is the difference?  Measurement. Modern Technologies use a system of measurement based on approximation. That means technological measurement is not exact.

Natural systems use an exact, unified field-based, phase correlated system of measurement. This exact measurement is why we see precision in natural systems.

Precision in natural systems based on exact measurement

Mark started Coherence Industries to overcome this flaw at the foundation of modern science and technology.

Inefficiency impacts modern technologies and is costing our global economy several trillion dollars a year. Increasing measurement resolution by reducing noise on the ground of the system increases efficiency and self-organizing power to improve overall technological performance.

The measurement of motion as used in electrical, chemical, genetic, nano, and nuclear technologies  impacts the efficiency of products. The basic principles, or laws of nature, that govern motion are fundamental to the organization of systems, man-made or natural. The discoveries of Coherence Industries in the area of natural motion can be applied to impact the organization of any system.

Coherence Technology represents an innovation that can be applied to the technologies that we use on a daily basis; cell phones, computers, motors, etc. to make technology perform better.

Mark is focused on the research and development of software and hardware products to apply exact measurement. He is not interested in taking on the business side of the equation. The commercialization of this technology upgrade therefore presents a significant innovation and investment opportunity that supports the creation of a sustainable future.

Margi Wilson represents Coherence Industries and helps companies upgrade their products and services, by adding Coherence Technology to new and existing systems. Contact Coherence Industries with questions about how to use Coherence Technology.

email: Margi at upgradingtechnology.com or call 415 251 8385

Products and Services offered by Coherence Industries include:

Products and services are customizable to your company's needs. Coherence Technology improves the overall performance of a system by increasing the integration of the parts of that system.

Coherence Technology has been successfully applied in the following industries:

  • Software Products
  • Online services
  • Electronic products including Medical devices
  • Business productivity/ human performance enhancement
  • Communications and entertainment
  • Gaming and Brain training
  • Education