Introducing: a Hassle-Free Innovation Method For Your Company

Are you looking for an innovation method that requires less effort and produces greater success? How does a company decide which types of innovations will bring success and which will lead to wasted resources?

You are no doubt aware that your company needs to innovate in order to sustain progress. But companies often find themselves in crisis management with no peace of mind, suffering from information overload, and stuck on the surface values of innovation. Innovators need to determine as quickly as possible whether an innovation method will bring problems or accelerate progress. But when the mind is in highly excited state, isolated from the settled state of the mind, decision making abilities are limited. The fight or flight response can get activated when we cannot distinguish between friend and foe. With the fight or flight response the cognitive function of the brain becomes less lively as the blood is directed toward the arms and legs in preparation for fighting or escaping.

What does all this have to do with innovation methods?

Coherence Industries provides an innovation method with a systematic way to measurably increase the value of your company's products and services without the usual problems that innovation brings.

It started with a little boy sitting on a hillside contemplating how the unity, clarity, and relaxation he felt in the woods, was somehow lost when he was in the city. In 1975, while deep in meditation in the Alps, he discovered that it is possible to enliven infinite nature in finite phenomena.

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