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Brain Plasticity: Can New Innovations in Technology Help Everyone Become More "Gameful"?

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Keeping the brain flexible

What is Brain Plasticity? 

According to Wikipedia, brain plasticity, or neuroplasticity "is a non-specific neuroscience term referring to the ability of the brain and nervous system in all species to change structurally and functionally as a result of input from the environment."

Input from the environment can mean anything. Consider that the average adult spends 8 hours a day processing electronic information signals-- that means audio or video signals from electronic devices. Now consider the potential here. If every experience changes the brain, then we can easily see how electronic information signals could be a means to significantly change our brain for the better, to awaken our ever changing brain to it's full potential.

Jane McDonigal’s book: “Reality is Broken”, gives a wonderful glimpse into the power of gaming and shows us how gaming is opening new possibilities for developing human potential. A book well worth reading, especially if you want to be encouraged about the future.

At one point she mentions Gene Becker from Lightning Laboratories. In reading some of Gene Becker's blog posts, one of them really stood out in relation to upgrading technology to be more precisely correlated with reality and so provide a much richer user experience: "Toward Virtuosity, Reflection and a Conscious Computing Experience."

..In this post Gene talks about the concept of ‘virtuosity of communication’ .. adding a ‘richer level of discourse’ ... “When groups of musicians play together, they establish communication channels among themselves through the give and take of listening and leading. Great ensemble players know how to establish a state of flow, a groove, where the music takes on a vitality and life of its own, greater than the sum of the individual rhythms, pitches and timbres. What are the conditions that make such a group ‘chemistry’ possible? Could we capture that essence and apply it to the work of organizations, the building of communities, the life of families?”

Can Innovations in Technology Create a More Adaptable Flow of Communication?

Why not? This flow of communication experienced by musicians is used as a model for how all communication should be, even communication through electronic devices. The challenge is how to establish this adaptable living flow of communication through the medium of man-made technologies, which have a tendency to be more rigid and less adaptable than natural systems.

Coherence Industries has been researching this possibility of making man-made technologies more adaptable to living systems for the past 35+ years. What have they come up with?--innovations that simply reduce noise in the ground system of the electronic devices to improve the relationship between those devices and people on the most fundamental levels of user experience. Reducing noise in the ground system increases the interactive compatibility betweem electronic signals and the brain to improve the quality of communication.

Enhancing User Experience By Improving Signal Quality to Upgrade The Interactive Compatibility Between the User and the Electronic Signals

Coherence Industries has discovered that it is possible to take user experience to much higher levels, by improving the internal quality of the electronic information signals so that they are less noisy and more correlated with the natural world, which includes the human nervous system.

Unconventional Approach to Signal Improvement: Are These High Quality Signals More Familiar to the Brain?

The application of Coherence Technology™ improves the quality of the signals not in the conventional way. The conventional way of improving signal quality is to improve the design, the materials, or the ambient conditions. Coherence Technology™ uses a different approach to improving signal quality. That is by increasing the underlying coherence of the signal itself by reducing noise in the ground system to increase signal stability and integrity. The result is, what you could call ‘virtuosity in electronic signals.’ These more integrated, more coherent electronic signals contain more detailed information in a format which is easier for the senses and the brain to pick up and process. In other words, they are more "real", less distorted.

Here are some comments from people in the entertainment industry when experiencing the higher quality electronic signals with Coherence Technology™:

“The music had a freer feeling as if a pressure had been lifted. The sounds were not restricted but moved around with ease. It had a more relaxing effect on my physiology, and, hearing (the version with Coherence Technology) made me realize that the regular (store bought) version felt full of stress and strain. In general the music sounds happier.”
-T. S., Writer for an audio magazine

Commercial Video Market:

“I used your technology on my latest video project and the effect is very impressive. My post production crew said the masters were the cleanest they have ever seen with the particular format I used.” -D. G., Video Producer, Former leader of a renowned musical group

“Your technology for video is very amazing. More detail came out, and overall, it was much more enjoyable to watch.” -M.. M., General Manager of the entertainment division of a leading Japanese electronics company

“The artistic and emotional content is much greater. The video was easier to watch and held my attention longer.
-S. H., Musician, Composer, Producer of New Age music

“There was much more entertainment value.”
-M. M., V.P. and Director of Performing Rights.

“There was definitely a three-dimensional effect on the segment with your technology. Overall, it was a much more pleasing and enjoyable experience.”
-M. M., Video Producer

“The actors seemed more real and believable. The sound seemed to fit the scene more and the voices were more life-like.”
-L. P., Video Producer

More detailed information available to the brain means more richness of experience that includes “symbolic, intuitive and emotional levels” of communication. If the brain changes with every experience, then it stands to reason that there exists a great opportunity here to expose the brain to a much higher quality of electronic signal experience and thereby enliven the brain in highly positive ways.

Because the more coherent, higher quality signals are more compatible with living systems, and easier for the brain to process, Coherence Industries has found that a simple technology upgrade can also address the billion dollar problem of information overload. 

Because of this ability to help overcome information overload Coherence Technology™ may even help gamers overcome what Jane McDonigal calls "Gamer's Remorse." Gamer's remorse is the feeling that some gamers experience after spending long periods of time gaming. By making electronic information signals easier for the senses and brain to pick up and process, the brain can process much more information with less strain. Global brain coherence increases measurably. The overall effect is that people automatically become more ‘gameful’ just by using their electronic devices! As Gene Becker mentions in his blog, more "gameful" means: 

• happier
• smarter
• stronger
• healthier
• more collaborative
• more creative
• better connected to our friends and family
• more resilient
• better problem-solvers
• and better at WHATEVER we love to do when we’re not playing games.

By providing a richer experience, improving cognitive function, and increasing global EEG brain coherence, Coherence Technology™ can enliven these "gameful" qualities naturally and automatically without "remorse", in every person who interacts with electronic signals and devices in the course of their daily life. Whether gaming or working, we can establish a flow of communication throughout society and restore “reality” to its unbroken state, simply by restoring technology to its unbroken state. (see the Research that has been done so far to show that by upgrading technology in this unique way any company can more successfully address the challenges we face today.)

By taking technology in general to the next level of development and refinement, technological innovations themselves can create greater "virtuosity in communication" to automatically enhance cognitive function, improve human performance, stimulate more innovation, and support positive change in society as a whole.