Exact Measurement For Innovation, and Progress

A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for measuring time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Seeds Germinate Faster And Grow Larger
With Coherence Technology

Agricultural, Biofuel, and Horticultural Applications

Gabriel Howearth, a horticulturist in New Mexico, received funds from several sources, including the United Nations, to begin research on agricultural methods for 3rd world countries and non-hybrid seeds.

He performed a controlled experiment with several types of seeds and CT. The following procedures were followed:

  1. Seeds were isolated: Corn, amaranth, squash, melon, and bean.
  2. Seeds were divided into two equal parts.
  3. One half of the seeds were treated with CT. The other half were untouched. Both were transported to New Mexico under identical conditions.
  4. Both halves were planted in fertile soil in two rows, side by side.
  5. After three weeks, 95% of the seeds that had been treated with CT germinated 30 to 40% faster and were 5% to 25% larger.

A later study by a plant geneticist in Washington State, Bruce Tineo, found similar results except that the plants treated with CT grew approximately 65-72% larger than the control plants.