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A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for measuring time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Electrical Conductivity Supports Bioelectrical Conductivity With Coherence Technology

Balancing Energy Centers of the Human Body

Dr. Robert Perry and Associates, an independent research firm in Fallbrook, California, conducted several tests of CT.

Their researchers measured high- and low-electrical intensity on a variety of electrical equipment using a Pulsar Sensor, or “Spin Tester.” They also used a 300 HV Tic Tracer to measure the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the energy field surrounding the human body.

The results confirmed that:

  • Electromagnetic fields in all cases assumed a positive (balanced) vortextual energy flow. This means that the electrons became aligned to each other and flowed in a coherent manner (similar to the way that iron filings on paper assume the shape of a magnet beneath the paper).
  • Electromagnetic fields from devices using CT did not affect the 24 vortextual energy centers of the human body as they would have without the technology.
  • Users of electronic equipment (computers, etc.) reported less eye fatigue, less stress, and less general fatigue, with increased clear thinking.

"In my opinion the units tested are effective in stabilizing and balancing the vortextual energy flow of any electrical circuit in which they are installed and do have a positive favorable effect on those in an area in which electrical equipment/devices are in use."

--Robert R. Perry, Sc.D, PhD

Dr. Glen M. Swartwout tested electrical conductivity along acupuncture meridians while sitting at the computer. He checked the baseline level of stress before and after installing Coherence Technology Software. He found that after 15 minutes, meridians were in perfect balance (50 on the Voll scale of 0 to 100). Dr. Swartwout’s comment was: “This software turns a computer from an energy stressor to an energy balancer! … I strongly recommend anyone working at a computer get this program.”

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