Exact Measurement For More Sustainable Development, Innovation, and Progress

A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for measuring time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Pure Consciousness And Paradigms Discussed: Brain and Consciousness Online Course: Link To Lesson One


I admire greatly what Dr. Fred Travis and Dr. Keith Wallace are doing in their research on consciousness and the brain. Their research is greatly needed in the world today. I am sure that the course will prove to be very enjoyable and enlightening.

This video shows how scientists and people in general, cannot see certain possibilities which are beyond their paradigm. 

To me this video explains why it is difficult for new technologies to be fully understood and accepted. Even great cutting edge researchers such as Dr. Fred Travis, can unknowingly design experiments that support  old paradigms. For example; the study mentioned near the end of this tape looks at research on the Quantum Companion which uses a technology for reducing phase noise in electronic signals.

The brain runs on tiny electronic signals and Dr. Travis is an expert in EEG brain coherence. And yet instead of relying on the objectivity of measuring the effect that increasing phase noise in electronic systems has on EEG coherence, the study relied on asking the participants questions about how they felt subjectively about their experience with the Quantum Companion.  Participants of the study were instructed to use the Quantum Companion in a way that did not allow them the option to adjust the settings of the unit. Adjusting the settings to their individual comfort level ensures that the settings are correct for that individual.

By going against that basic instruction, the study interfered with the naturalness of the experience of using the Quantum Companion, and skewed the results. It would be similar to teaching a person the Transcendental Meditation Technique and telling them to concentrate on the mantra and telling them not to stop thinking the mantra no matter what happens. Then asking the person if they enjoyed their meditation. 

If the study had been designed to allow the participants in the experiment to use the unit properly, and to have the freedom to adjust the unit to their comfort level, the study would have given different results. Likewise, if the study had measured the EEG brain coherence, the researchers would have seen an increase in brain coherence with the proper use of the unit.