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A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, approaches a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for the measurement of time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Comments From The Entertainment Industry

The following comments from professionals in the entertainment industry may be helpful to further understand the benefits of Coherence Technology’s Quantum Noise Reduction System™ (QNRS™ as applied to audio and video equipment.

Audiophile Market:

“I hate to admit it, but this thing actually works; in fact, darn well,...even my non-audiophile colleagues in the National Symphony ...were impressed by the musical improvements this black box (Coherence Technology’s Quantum Noise Reduction System™ (QNRS™) delivered.” L.L., writer and product reviewer of a leading audiophile magazine

CT gives me a better impression of the real content of the music. It produces a very noticeable improvement in transparency and overall smoothness with increased timbrel clarity and dynamic impact.” L.F., writer and product reviewer of a leading audiophile magazine

“A veil has lifted, allowing me to experience the subtle nuances in the harmonic texture and in the flow of music. Music is now more magical and charming; more natural and relaxed; more transparent and coherent; more refined and effortless. The upper harmonics are now more open and in bloom. “All musical details seem to be more palpable. With your unit, music sounds less electronic and feels more like live music. Vibrant. More involving. Music transcends sound and merges with the dance of emotions.” J.P. L, audiophile and Ph.D. Mathematics

Commercial Audio Market:

“This is my own album, and I’ve heard things I’ve never heard before. This is great!”

M. W., Leader and musician for a Rhythm and blues group

“Copies made on high bias tape were crystal clear with excellent high end reproduction during playback without dolby!”

N. A. A., Producer/Arranger/Songwriter

“By way of analogy, imagine listening to a selection of music with some cotton in your ears and notice the difference when you take out the cotton...suffice to say, I was impressed.” S.H., Producer, Recording Artist

“You’ve taken the final objection out of Digital Recordings and CD’s.”

P. B., Executive producer of a leading entertainment production company

“There was greater clarity, distinction, definition in the entire range and band width. There was more spatial depth. Front and back imaging was better. The sound carried farther at lower levels. The piece without your technology sounded tight and restricted; with your technology it was much more full. Much more emotion came through.”

M. S., Musician and Sound Engineer

“The thing that I perceive that is unique in evaluating your technology is the immediate sense of subjective enjoyment.”

J. H., V.P., a manufacturer of Audio Systems

“The music had a freer feeling as if a pressure had been lifted. The sounds were not restricted but moved around with ease. It had a more relaxing effect on my physiology, and, hearing (the version with Coherence Technology’s Quantum Noise Reduction System made me realize that the regular (store bought) version felt full of stress and strain. In general the music sounds happier.”

T. S., Writer for an audio magazine

Commercial Video Market:

“I used your technology on my latest video project and the effect is very impressive. My post production crew said the masters were the cleanest they have ever seen with the particular format I used.”

D. G., Video Producer, Former leader of a renowned musical group

“Your technology for video is very amazing. More detail came out, and overall, it was much more enjoyable to watch.”

M.. M., General Manager of the entertainment division of a leading Japanese electronics company

“The artistic and emotional content is much greater.

The video was easier to watch and held my attention longer.

S. H., Musician, Composer, Producer of New Age music

“There was much more entertainment value.”

M. M., V.P. and Director of Performing Rights.

“There was definitely a three-dimensional effect on the segment with your technology. Overall, it was a much more pleasing and enjoyable experience.”

M. M., Video Producer

“The actors seemed more real and believable. The sound seemed to fit the scene more and the voices were more life-like.”

L. P., Video Producer

CT Production IC

Areas of Application of Coherence Technology Pdf download here: https://www.upgradingtechnology.com/support-files/areasofapplication.pdf

The comments on Coherence Technology's Hasslefree Innovation program™, specifically regarding its Quantum Noise Reduction System™ (QNRS™), from professionals in the entertainment industry provide a rich insight into how this technology is impacting audio and video production. Here’s a summary of the key points from these testimonials:

### In the Audiophile Market:
- **Improvement in Musical Quality**: Professionals noted significant enhancements in musical transparency, smoothness, timbre clarity, and dynamic impact. They described the experience as more natural, effortless, and closer to live music.
- **Enhanced Listening Experience**: Comments highlighted a lifting of a "veil" over the music, revealing subtler nuances and harmonics, making the music sound less electronic and more vibrant.

### In the Commercial Audio Market:
- **Revelation of New Details**: Artists and producers experienced clarity and details in their music that they had never noticed before, even in their own recordings.
- **Enhanced Audio Quality**: There were clear improvements in clarity, spatial depth, and emotional conveyance, with the sound described as freer and less restricted.
- **Increased Enjoyment and Reduced Strain**: The technology seemed to remove a perceived pressure, making listening more enjoyable and less stressful.

### In the Commercial Video Market:
- **Improved Video Quality**: Video producers noted cleaner masters and enhanced detail visibility, attributing these improvements to the Quantum Noise Reduction System™.
- **Added Depth and Realism**: Increased details led to a more three-dimensional effect, making the video content more engaging and the actors more believable.
- **Enhanced Viewer Engagement**: The technology was noted to make videos easier to watch, hold attention longer, and provide greater entertainment value.

Overall, the feedback from various professionals suggests that Coherence Technology’s Quantum Noise Reduction System™ significantly enhances the quality of audio and video content, making it more enjoyable and engaging for both creators and consumers. This increase in quality not only allows for a better aesthetic and emotional experience but also seems to enhance the technical aspects of production, such as clarity and detail accuracy.