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A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, approaches a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for the measurement of time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Increase In Specific Organization Of Brain Activity
With Coherence Technology

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Areas of Application of Coherence Technology Pdf download here: https://www.upgradingtechnology.com/support-files/areasofapplication.pdf

Dr. Lyubimov,  Head of the Laboratory of Neurocybernetics at the Moscow Brain Research Institute Academy of Medical Sciences conducted a research study to provide an initial, but rigorous evaluation of the effects of CT on the electrical activity of the human brain, as measured by the electroencephalogram, or EEG.  See letter from Dr Lyubimov,

The following is a brief summary of the testing methods and results achieved.

Six subjects were studied. Each person participated in two one-hour test trials. They wore a standardized electrode cap. All data was recorded and stored on a hard disk. All subjects were seated in a room approximately 12’ x 14’ within a large three story office building.

Measurements of brain wave activity (EEG) were recorded for each subject, once without CT connected to the electrical supply of the building and once with the Coherence Technology connected to the electrical supply of the building.

When the CT was connected to the electrical supply, an increase in specific organization of electrical activities occurred in all of the test subjects, i.e. brain wave activity became more orderly. The researcher noted, “...this means more creativity, less stress, greater productivity, and improved health.” *

* Increases in EEG brain wave coherence have been scientifically correlated with increased creativity, improved task performance, faster reaction time, improved learning ability, improved grades in school, higher moral reasoning, increased IQ, etc.


Increased EEG brain coherence facilitated by Coherence Technology (CT) presents numerous advantages and promising applications for scientists, technologists, innovators, and new product developers. Here’s a closer look at these benefits and potential applications:
### Benefits of Increased EEG Brain Coherence:
1. **Enhanced Creativity:**
- Greater brain wave coherence is associated with enhanced creativity, allowing professionals to devise innovative solutions and ideas.
2. **Reduced Stress:**
- More organized brain activity can lead to lower stress levels, contributing to better mental health and improved work performance.
3. **Increased Productivity:**
- As brain activity becomes more organized, individuals can focus better and perform tasks more efficiently, leading to increased productivity.
4. **Improved Health:**
- Psychological well-being is often linked to physical health. Reduced stress and improved mental functions contribute to overall better health.
5. **Enhanced Learning Abilities:**
- With increased coherence, learning processes are optimized, potentially leading to faster and more effective learning experiences.
6. **Higher Cognitive Functions:**
- Correlations have been made between increased EEG coherence and higher IQ, better moral reasoning, and improved school performance.
### Potential Applications:
1. **Corporate Wellbeing Programs:**
- Organizations could implement CT as part of employee wellness programs to boost productivity and reduce stress in the workplace.
2. **Educational Technologies:**
- Integrating CT into educational tools could enhance learning capabilities, making educational content easier to grasp and retain.
3. **Mental Health Interventions:**
- Therapeutic applications could include CT to assist in treatments for conditions like ADHD or anxiety, which can benefit from enhanced brain coherence.
4. **Creative Industries:**
- Industries that rely heavily on creativity, such as design and media, could use CT to stimulate creative processes and innovation among professionals.
5. **Professional Development Tools:**
- CT could be embedded in training and development tools to help professionals in various fields improve their cognitive functions and task performance.
6. **Technology R&D Labs:**
- Research labs focusing on cognitive computing and AI could use insights from CT applications to develop smarter, more intuitive systems.
### Exact Measurement and Further Research:
To fully harness the benefits of CT, exact measurements and standards can be established for EEG brain coherence. This would involve:

- **Developing Standardized Protocols:** Ensuring consistent and repeatable measurement techniques for EEG coherence.
- **Longitudinal Studies:** Conducting long-term studies to better understand the beneficial impacts of sustained use of CT.
- **Diverse Participant Data:** Expanding research demographics to ensure the findings are universally applicable.
Incorporating rigorous measurement standards and broadening research scopes will provide deeper insights into how CT can be effectively integrated into various sectors, ultimately contributing to significant advancements in human cognitive performance and technological innovation.

Note: The more you reduce measurement uncertainty with CT, the more the brain coherence increases.