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A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, approaches a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for the measurement of time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Quantum Products For The Home

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Wishing you could upgrade the feeling in your home without expensive remodeling?

The Quantum Home™ with SuperForce Technology™ (SFT™) 

Your home becomes a haven with this nifty unit. Come home from work and settle into complete comfort. The Quantum Home™ offers a simple practical way to improve the quality of your living environment. Quantum Home™ users commonly describe relief from a source of stress and strain they never knew was there. This is a simple way to insure the well-being of your whole family. The Quantum Home™ works 365 days a year to relieve you and your family from the constant unsettling influence that can be created by man-made electricity in the hi-tech world of today. Now your home can become a sanctuary where your family can feel safe and comfortable with the simple flip of a switch. 

Your family's comfort is too important to ignore. When the electricity is "softened" you'll enjoy a greater degree of comfort in your home than you ever dreamt was possible. This comfort comes from the relief the human physiology feels when it is able to resonate with its own natural frequencies instead of the usual, all-pervasive, disorderly man-made frequencies coming from the modern conveniences that surround us. Freed from this chaotic burden, our physiologies more easily function at their best and stay in top condition. If you want to take good care of yourself and your family, take home a Quantum Home™ and plug it into any wall outlet for a "softer and more supportive" environment. Customers report the following benefits: 

> "Easier, more restful sleep"
> "Softer environment"
> "More harmony in family interactions" 

"I love the Quantum Home™ I purchased... as soon as I plugged it in, suddenly everything felt softer somehow... when I walked into my laundry room, the only room with fluorescent lighting, the lights seemed much less glaring and harsh. When I turned on noisy electric appliances, such as a vacuum cleaner or blender, it was as if someone had turned down the volume. The best result I've had is that I am much less irritable with my young child and husband... The improved relations with my family alone make the Quantum Home™ worth its weight in gold! We took the unit on vacation with us and plugged it into the motel room outlet. I slept much better than I usually do on a trip...we also used the unit with an adapter in the car and I noticed my family's mood was better than usual... I also noticed the music on the radio sounded clearer..."

-Shari Frey 

"...this little device is absolutely the best thing since sliced bread!"

-Diane Woods Milford

Unique Approach-The SuperForce Technology™ 

Quantum Products™ with SuperForce Technology™ (SFT™ ) are unique in their approach to improving the quality of the environment. They do not add frequencies to the environment. Instead they simply neutralize an unwanted quantum mechanical noise that already exists in man-made electrical frequencies. Quantum Products™ provide a natural ground of quantum mechanical orderliness that softens and neutralizes the disorderly forces that can be created by man-made electricity. When the chaotic, disorderly forces are no longer present, the gentle forces of nature can rise up to support our daily activity and improve our lives. Now you can enjoy the the support of a quantum super force field and all the benefits of electricity and electrical devices while reducing the unwanted side effects. 

The advanced technology governing Quantum Products™ - SuperForce Technology™ produces a gentler, more 'organic electricity' for added comfort in life. Scientific Research 

Preliminary scientific research supports the value of Quantum Products™ with SFT™ and their positive effects on living systems. Findings of significant increases in brain wave integration, alertness, performance, and productivity in people using Quantum Products™ correlate with subjective reports received from satisfied customers. 

Dr. Nicolai Lyubimov at the brain research Institute in Moscow said, "we are very excited by the preliminary testing with your products on brain wave functioning in individuals... We will continue to research this technology in several ways because we feel we have just scratched the surface." 

How do Quantum Products™ Work? 

Quantum Products™ with SuperForce Technology™ (SFT™) use an innovative electronic design based on super field principles of quantum physics. This integrated circuit filters and conditions electricity to neutralize an inaudible noise. 

How do Quantum Products™ with SuperForce Technology™ affect an electrical system and its surrounding environment? 

The electrical currents flow in the same way throughout a building. When you influence one part of the current, you influence all of it. So when you plug in one of the Quantum environmental units - Quantum Home™ or Quantum Pro™ - anywhere in the building, the impulse of coherence is sent back into the electrical system maintaining an efficient electrical current throughout the entire electrical system of the building and affects the whole environment. This is what is called a 'Field Effect'. 


The Quantum Home™ covers up to 1500 sq. ft. It's sturdy yet lightweight construction provides years of maintenance-free performance for a more peaceful simple life. The Quantum Home™ comes in neutral colors that blend elegantly with any decor. It's compact size adds to its convenience-it fits in anywhere. The State-of-the-Art solid-state circuitry includes a 12-bit microcontroller for accurate high-speed functioning. The increased signal-to-noise ratio doubles the dynamic range of your stereo and TV sound systems for your added pleasure. The Quantum Home™ runs on a safe UL modular power supply. The fail-safe watchdog power indicator light lets you know that the unit is working. The Quantum Home™ is also simple to use- just plug it into any wall outlet. When plugged in it effects the entire electrical system including all the wiring in the walls and electrical power box, as well as in your computer, TV, light fixtures, stove, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, microwave, etc. Full range adjustable settings provide optimal comfort. Optional 220 volt power supply is available for international customers.↑ 

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