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A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, approaches a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for the measurement of time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Quantum Companion

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The secret weapon of successful people on the go. Executives, managers, salespeople, discover the tool to fight off stress and fatigue wherever you are. 

Would you like to keep your energy, stamina, clarity, enthusiasm -- all day long -- working, traveling, socializing, resting, anywhere? 

Portable comfort is now available, with the Quantum Companion™ 

The Quantum Companion™ is a pager-size unit that clips to your belt or fits easily into your purse or briefcase. 

This powerful, go anywhere, do anything unit contains the same state-of-the-art Coherence Technology™ offered in a variety of home, office and computer solutions. To all appearances it's a simple pager. To the user it's a mobile zone of comfort and clarity--free from the chaotic fields that emanate from our modern-day conveniences. It's a heightened sense of coherence that helps you make better decisions and enjoy better outcomes. 

When You're Successful you don't have time for fatigue, irritability, discord and unclear thinking. The Quantum Companion™ puts you in control with increased brain wave coherence and an adjustable 16-position nob to customize the unit to your individual bioelectrical make up. Combined with the off/low/high control you can optimize your comfort and coherence in every situation.

How does it work? 

Our biological systems operate on natural electrical currents that generate a harmonious field surrounding the body. There is growing evidence that the electricity of our bodies can be adversely influenced by an inaudible noise inherent in man-made electricity. This noise can cause a range of experiences from mild irritation to more debilitating effects. It disrupts our biological systems and decreases our level of coherence. 

When the Quantum Companion™ is introduced to the body's electromagnetic field, by clipping it on your belt or putting it in your purse or pocket, it neutralizes this noise and allows the physiology to resonate with its own natural frequencies instead of the usual, all-pervasive, disorderly, man-made frequencies coming from the environment. Tests indicate brain wave coherence is spontaneously and naturally increased. So now you can enjoy a greater degree of comfort and coherence than you may have ever dreamt possible in this high-tech world. This comfort comes from the relief the human physiology feels when it is freed from the chaotic electrical burden imposed on it by the environment and allowed to recover the natural integration of its bioelectrical system. The physiology can now more easily function at its best and stay in top condition. With this added coherence life can suddenly become easier--we can get more done with less effort. 

Customers commonly report the following improvements: 

  • The feeling of being clear and vibrant at the end of the day. 
  • Less fatigue after challenging activities 
  • More effective communication 
  • Previously strained relations becoming harmonious 

"With the current makeup of the government body that I serve, conflict and contention are a given. But at last night's meeting, I wore my new Quantum Companion™ . What a difference! People listened to my every word. I felt empowered and a deep sense of serenity. The whole tenor of the meeting was that of cordiality and cooperation." --Christina Ladd Breed, Writer/Speaker 

"This is much more beneficial than I expected..." -- S. Long 

"...Air travel is so much easier...my trip home was smooth and easy, and I arrived feeling as fresh as when I left...The biggest improvement for me is how I feel at the end of my work day. I used to come home from work with complete mental overload. I felt as if my brain were Œfried.' I have not had that experience since I've had my Quantum Companion™ except for one day. That was the day I forgot it." --Caroline Sutherland, Health Consultant 

"When I first used my Quantum Companion™ I immediately felt smoother, more expanded, lighter and stronger. Thank you for your money-back guarantee -- I will not be asking for a refund. You deserve 15 out of ten for service." --M.M., NC 

"The contrast with the Quantum Companions™ was striking! Thank you so much for facilitating a major improvement in my family." --S. Ballard 

Quantum Companion™ customers enjoy the following features: 

  • >Units come in designer colors to suit your style: Opaque black and white, and transparent (for those who want to see the technology at work) -- cloud gray, Adriatic blue, emerald green, ice, yellow, red, orange, check for availability of different colors...just email us your favorite color choices and we will see what we can do :o) 
  •  It runs on one AA battery for hassle-free use. 
  • Sturdy clip so you can wear it during any activity. 
  • Dual antenna-- over 300 feet of copper wire compactified gives ultra-high concentration of the Quantum comfort zone field. 
  • A proprietary code neutralizes the noise and disorder inherent in man-made electricity and establishes a zone of quantum comfort for living systems. 
  • A 12 bit high-speed microprocessor insures accuracy and control.
  • Light-weight yet sturdy construction gives years of maintenance-free performance. 
  • State-of-the-Art design provides high energy efficiency. 
  • Adjustable knob allows you to control the strength and size of the Quantum comfort zone to accommodate the varying challenges posed by your environment. 
  • Units are individually tested for top quality performance.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee insures satisfaction.
  • Three Year Warrenty for worry-free maintenance

Scientific research on Quantum Products ™ at UCLA and the Moscow Brain Research Institute found that brain wave activity becomes more orderly and alertness increases when individuals are near these products. This increased orderliness of brain functioning means more creativity, less stress, greater productivity and improved health. That means you can get more done with less strain and fatigue.

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Please note: The Quantum Companion is back ordered at the moment. Please let us know if you would like to be put on the waiting list for the Quantum Companion. Thanks for your interest.

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