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A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, approaches a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for the measurement of time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Quantum Monitor

CT Production IC

Areas of Application of Coherence Technology Pdf download here: https://www.upgradingtechnology.com/support-files/areasofapplication.pdf

For use with VGA ports.

Thousands are enjoying greater clarity, creativity, energy and comfort while they make their living at their computers. Breakthrough An innovative breakthrough in electronics has finally opened the door to stress-free computing. Computer lovers are discovering that the Quantum Monitor filter/conditioner, invented in Iowa, can put an end to computer burnout.

Unified Technologies Management company, based in Fairfield, the "Silicorn Valley" of Iowa, is showing computer users how they can get more out of their computers with the help of Coherence Technology™. If you are exhausted from working at the computer; if your eyes get irritated; if you worry that your health is being effected, you are not alone. In the United States, Canada and other industrialized countries "Video Operator Distress" represents the largest single group of occupational health complaints registered with the National Institute on Occupational Safety and Health. Complaints The following are the most common complaints:

>Ocular- cataracts, eye fatigue or pain, blurred vision 
>Neuromuscular - headache, back pain, moverall fatigue 
>Somatic - nausea, anorexia, skin rash, asthma 
>Emotional - irritability, anxiety, depression, paranoid tendencies 

Within minutes minutes of plugging in the Quantum Monitor™ filter/conditioner, people are experiencing a difference. Here's what they are saying: 

"(The Quantum Monitor™ filter/conditioner)... actually turns a computer from an energy stressor into an energy balancer...." Dr. Glen Swartout, Director Center for Biofield Analysis 

"...There was also relief from the physical stresses of working on the computer, such as eye strain and aches in the neck and shoulders." Bret Hollander, exec. International Monetary Fund 

"I felt relieved of headache, and a general sense of well being was the dominant experience." Carlos Ruiz, Marketing consultant, Colombia 

"My eyes focus more easily. I am more relaxed, though I had not been aware that I had not been relaxed before." Gloria Wendroff, Freelance Writer 

The Mechanics Behind the Screen How does it work? 

The explanation is simple, says Amy Ocsody, who helps build the Quantum Products, "Sometimes people experience the effect more quickly and easily than they can understand it. That's why we give a money back guarantee ‹ so people can try the products and experience the effect for themselves, risk-free." 

For those who want to know the mechanics behind it, the explanation is that the Quantum Monitor™ filter/conditioner uses a quantum force field technology, known as Coherence Technology to neutralize an inaudible noise inherent in man-made electricity. According to quantum mechanics, the closer we come to the quantum mechanical reality of life, the greater the order and energy we find. The further we move away, the more friction is encountered resulting in distortion and loss of information and energy. When the Quantum unit is plugged into your monitor and to the power outlet, the electricity flows from the power outlet into Your computer monitor and is conditioned by the Quantum Monitor™ filter/conditioner. The resulting current displays a high degree of order and stability. Unwanted interference and quantum mechanical noise are neutralized. Now your monitor is able to reproduce audio/video data signals with the greater clarity of digital without losing the softness and warmth of analog. The colors are more vibrant, the images clearer, more alive and engaging. Your electronic equipment delivers peak performance and at the same time creates a better atmosphere around it as the turbulent electromagnetic fields assume a positive or balanced vortical energy flow. 

The Quantum Monitor™ filter/conditioner is a hardware product that easily installs between your computer and your monitor. Robert R. Perry, Sc.D., PhD says "work (is) done with less effort and accomplished in less time." Increased comfort and greater brain wave coherence coupled with smoother performance of electronic equipment adds up to increased productivity and fewer costly mistakes. That might explain why Quantum Monitor™ filter/conditioner users consider the unit a deal at $349. Maybe it's worth it to have coherence on your side. 

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