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A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for measuring time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Coherence Technology
Discovery Story

Mark Barlettani has always had deep insights into how nature works. When he was a young boy playing in the hills and fields in Northern California, he discovered that natural motion, like the influence created by crickets chirping, or the gracefulness of a deer bounding through the forest, or the flow of natural bio electricity, or any other natural motion, is distinctly different from the motion that we commonly find in modern technologies such as electrical currents, and electronic equipment.

He noticed that natural motion creates coherence in the surroundings and gives him a sense of well being, while technological motion creates a disruptive effect in the surroundings.

While Mark was deep in meditation in the Swiss Alps he discovered that even though there are these two types of motion, natural and technological, natural motion is present at the basis of technological  motion. This means that natural motion can be located and enlivened within technological motion.

He then developed a technology for enlivening natural motion within technological motion.  The result was that man-made technologies can now create a coherent effect similar to the coherent effect created by natural phenomena. He called it Coherence Technology™

What effect does his insight have on living a balanced life?

What Mark is finding is that when he applies his Natural Coherence Technology™ to electrical currents, and electronic devices, it not only improves the performance of the electrical currents and devices, it also has a good effect on the people using those electrical currents and devices.  They say they feel happier, and their minds are clearer and more alert and so they can get more done with less effort.

The indications from the scientific research that has been done to date on Coherence Technology further defines and supports the experiences that thousands of people have related from the use of the products. Findings include: increased signal-to-noise ratio, Reduced intermodulation distortion, increased EEG brain wave coherence, improved task performance, improved growth of plants, and reductions in air pollution, to name a few.

Because Coherence Technology can be applied to any product or service that uses electricity, there is no limit to the possible applications.  Mark would like to personally thank you for your support in making it possible for him to continue to develop new applications of  Coherence Technology,  and for helping him to make these products using Coherence Technology available to the world to improve the quality of life for everyone.

*The improvements to the performance of electrical products and services have been measured as follows:

• Increase in signal to noise ratio in the time domain at the envelope of an electronic signal, 
• increase in signal stability, and 
• decrease in inter modulation distortion. 
• Increase in periodic signal-to-noise/decreases in visual noise

**Improvements to human performance have been measured as:

• Increase in EEG brain wave coherence of those in the vicinity of these more coherent electronic signals. (increased brain wave coherence is scientifically correlated with greater creativity, greater intelligence, faster reaction time, improved learning ability, higher moral reasoning, etc.)
• increase in bio electric conductivity
• Improvement in the performance of living systems (plants, animals, people, and the ecosystem.)
• More supportive work environment that increases productivity, creativity, job satisfaction, harmony among coworkers, etc.