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A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, approaches a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for the measurement of time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Quantum Telephone

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Can You Hear Me Now? Yes! Loud And Clear

Quantum Systems with Coherence Technology ™ for the telephone...New feature: Now transforms the electricity in your entire home at the same time it improves your experience on the telephone!

“Thank you again for the Quantum Systems unit for the telephone. It’s better than you promised. As you know I’m on the phone all day long. I noticed right away that the buzzing feeling in my head, at the end of the day from continuous talking was gone. I’m able to close more of my sales in the first conversation, because the person I’m talking to becomes comfortable and open and wants to go ahead immediately. I’m so thrilled” —Donna Congire, telemarketer for a long distance reseller

“...Since installing the Quantum Systems unitI notice a definite difference. I don’t have that low-grade headache after spending a couple hours on the phone. When I make business calls I seem to connect more quickly with the person at the other end and build a friendly relationship with them much more quickly, which is critical with the kind of sales I’m in...I don’t dread talking on the phone anymore, and I think your product is worth it’s weight in gold.!”

—Jim Mayhew

Quantum Products ™ are precision engineered with Coherence Technology™ to neutralize inaudible noise inherent in man-made electricity. By neutralizing this noise, the electricity itself becomes more orderly and efficient. That means your electrical devices run with optimum efficiency.

By neutralizing inaudible noise, Quantum Products provide a unique addition to any home or office. Now you can enjoy performance plus from your electricity and electrical devices while reducing the unwanted side effects, with the support of the quantum super field.

Quantum Products ™ with Coherence Technology™ are technologically advanced and compatible with any electrical system. Through design wizardry and high quality materials, they produce a more ‘organic quality of electricity’ that couldn’t be more comfortable to live with. Satisfied customers tell us it’s true.

Preliminary scientific research supports the value of Quantum Products ™ and their positive effects on living systems. Tests using Quantum Products ™ have shown a significant increase in brain wave integration, alertness, performance, and productivity. These findings correlate with subjective reports.

How do Quantum Products ™ with Coherence Technology™ Work?

Quantum Products ™ use an innovative electronic design based on quantum super field principles of physics. This integrated circuit filters and conditions electricity to neutralize inaudible noise.

How do Quantum Products ™ affect electronic equipment and the people who use it?

Electrical currents are conditioned as they pass through Quantum Products™. These products are designed for specific electronic equipment such as televisions, computers, telephones, etc. Because we sit close to, handle, and interact with electronic devices, we are directly affected by their currents and fields.

By neutralizing inaudible noise, Quantum Products ™ with Coherence Technology™ improve the experience of using electronic equipment.


• Coherence Technology™ neutralizes noise and disorder inherent in man-made electricity and establishes a zone of quantum comfort for living systems.

• A 8 bit high-speed microprocessor insures accuracy and control.

• A fail-safe watch dog circuit and indicator mlight lets you know the unit is doing its job.

• Light-weight yet sturdy construction gives years of maintenance-free performance.

• State-of-the-Art design provides high energy efficiency.

• Adjustable nob allows you to control the strength and size of the Quantum comfort zone to accommodate the varying challenges posed by your environment.

• Units are individually tested for top quality performance.

• 60-day money-back guarantee insures customer satisfaction.

• Unit accommodates up to three phone lines


For people who make their living on the phone —

Now there’s an easy way to:

• Be more effective on the phone without even trying

• Increase profits while saving time and money

In ordinary telephone communications, the signal encounters friction and inertia every step of the way. In traveling from point A to point B, your message has to go through innumerable connections, wires and switches. A little bit of the message is lost at every turn in the wire. It’s like the telephone game. —you start with a message and you pass it from one person to the next. By the time it comes around again, it’s so distorted it’s unrecognizable.

If you make your living on the phone, you want your signal to reach its destination in it’s pure form, undistorted and true to the riginal message. Your livelihood depends on it. But signals traveling over time and distance inevitably become weak and distorted to some degree. Then the original message, which may have been full of friendliness and warmth, can become a strain to listen to. The fun of talking on the phone gets lost. That’s why making a living on the phone isn’t always an easy job. By afternoon you might wish the day were over. But this is not the way it should be.

The Quantum Super Force

Now there is an easy way to get around discomfort on the phone. It has to do with quantum physics. You can increase the signal-to-noise ratio and enjoy frictionless flow in communication with the help of Coherence Technology™. This advanced technology applies knowledge of super force fields to protect the integrity of your signal as it travels to its destination.

Clear Transmission - Increased Signal-to-Noise Research

The Quantum Systems unit adds to your success and comfort by providing clear transmission of signals between you and your party. Preliminary research on products using Coherence Technology™ shows that the technology dramatically increases the signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in more detailed information within the signal and a significant increase in dynamic range.

More clear signals — less noise.That means it’s easier for the senses to absorb the information and easier for the brain to interpret it. For those whose livelihood depends on the phone, that translates into accomplishing more with less stress and fatigue. And this is exactly what people are experiencing.

“...I instantly noticed more clarity in voice and tone and a “feeling of clear space” as if the person I was communicating with was in the room next to me. I found the other party could duplicate phone numbers, addresses, instruction and other information without me having to repeat it! I also have found other parties to be more friendly and openly discuss other things going on in their lives. I hold off on making calls until I can get to the phone with the Coherence Technology™ because of the results. I get more done with less effort and my relationship with customers, friends and others has improved...I am positive this has helped to increase my income and assist in building this new company.” —Dennis Messer

How do Quantum Products™ effect electronic equipment and the people who use it?

Our bodies metabolize our environment every 1/100 of a second. Because we sit close to, handle, and interact with electronic devices, we are directly affected by their currents and fields. When the electromagnetic fields in the environment are disorderly, our physiology must process that disorder. By neutralizing an inaudible noise inherent in man-made electricity, Coherence Technology improves the quality of the electrical currents as they pass through the Quantum Systems unit. The conditioned electricity and its corresponding field resonates with coherence and consonance and the physiology processes these beneficial qualities. The Quantum Systems not only improves the experience of using electronic equipment. The cleaner current simultaneously enables electronic components to deliver peak performance. 

Julie Savage Parker from the National Institute of Standards and Technology explains it like this:

"You know how it is when the lawn mowers or jackhammers or motorcycles are outside your window and it sounds terrible, and it has been going on for so long you don't consciously notice it, but you just feel irritated? And then suddenly it stops and it feels wonderful? That is the before and after difference I felt using the Quantum Systems." -Julie Savage

"I was feeling dismayed after only five hours a day in front of the computer switchboard, I was experiencing extreme fatigue, to the point that I wondered if I could continue. The day the Quantum Systems ™ was plugged into my switchboard, I noticed the difference immediately. Now I no longer get fatigued during the day, and have plenty of energy left for my evening hours at home."

-Carol Richter