Exact Measurement For Innovation, and Progress

A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for measuring time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Quantum Wave 

The secret weapon of successful people on the go. Executives, managers, salespeople, are discovering the tool to fight off stress and fatigue. Special order - please call us at 415 251 8385

Quantum Wave $995 (Includes relaxation mat)

The Quantum Wave Plus

Now available! $1095

A Unique Experience

The Quantum Wave Mat creates a highly coherent electromagnetic field around your body, which produces a profound level of deep rest and relaxation you have to experience to really appreciate.

These deeper levels of rest allow the natural tendency of the body to heal itself.

Customers Report

*A deep blissful rest

*Stress relief

*Increased energy

*Improved health

*Increased clarity

*Pain relief

 *A more relaxed     

    balanced feeling

“Lying on the Quantum Wave Mat for even 10 minutes is incredible.  I feel de-stressed & re-energized.  The experience itself is very blissful, extremely pleasing.  My body feels very deep, but my mind is alert.  I love it!” 

--William Hardy                                          V.P. Sale

Satisfaction always guaranteed.

The Quantum Wave Mat

and comes with a 60 day full-refund policy.

Breakthrough Technology

What makes the Quantum Wave Mat unique is an advanced superconductive technology called Coherence Technology (discovered in 1975).  This technology neutralizes an inaudible noise in electrical currents caused by discrepancies in time and amplitude at the electrical ground. This restores order to any electrical system at a fundamental level.  As a result the quality of the electrical field changes from chaotic to orderly.

When the human energy field is no longer being negatively influenced by random chaotic electrical fields and is experiencing a field of high order, many beneficial results can and do occur.

Easy to use, portable, andattractive

The Quantum Wave Mat uses just 3 watts of power and is easy to use.  The control unit’s internal high tech components (including a microcontroller) are housed in a sleek, attractive, off white, case.  (4”x5”x11/2”)

The mat is made of high-resiliency foam covered by a zippered 100% all-natural cotton futon fabric.  An optional vinyl cover is available.

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