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A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, approaches a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for the measurement of time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Maintain Signal Integrity By Accessing The Information Of The Original Signal

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Sustainable Signal Integrity: How Do You Protect The Original Information From Distortion And Decay Over Time And Distance?

What will an expert say? He will probably say noise is the limiting factor in technological performance. Noise is what degrades the information and makes it less accessible.

"In digital electronics, a stream of binary values is represented by a voltage (or current) waveform. However, digital signals are fundamentally analog in nature, and all signals are subject to effects such as noise, distortion, and loss. Over short distances and at low bit rates, a simple conductor can transmit this with sufficient fidelity. At high bit rates and over longer distances or through various mediums, various effects can degrade the electrical signal to the point where errors occur and the system or device fails. Signal integrity engineering is the task of analyzing and mitigating these effects. It is an important activity at all levels of electronics packaging and assembly..." --Wikipedia

The quality of a signal is critical. Especially as electronics become increasingly more refined. When the information breaks up, it becomes noise. How do you keep it from breaking up? And how do you restore the information once it has corrupted? It can be a downward spiral of loss of quality. In the process of trying to get rid of noise, the signal is mutilated. It becomes less intelligible through amplification, which distorts the information, and filtering, which deletes valuable detailed information.

How do you guard your signal without manipulating it? Conventional approaches boil down to trying to reconstruct the signal after it has already been degraded, trying to restore it to its original integrity.

If there could be a way to access the original information that created the waveform, then it could be restored at any point in time or space. What the quantum physicists tell us is that the original information of an event is always available on the quantum mechanical level. It is never lost even when the classical level of the waveform becomes distorted. By having access to that level of infomation the original waveform can be spontaneously reconstructed.

Is There A Way To Access The Original Information?

Some researchers say yes. And it's easier than you might think. There are a number of simple ways to access that information in the transition states of a signal to automatically improve performance, and increase stability, fidelity, and intelligibility without touching the actual signal itself. By incorporating a Quantum Noise Reduction Systemâ„¢, in the form of software or hardware, quality performance can be protected and more easily maintained.

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