Exact Measurement For Innovation, and Progress

A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for measuring time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Observing An Increase In The Stability
Of Signal Voltage And Frequency
With Coherence Technology

Increased Signal Stability

Transmit the signal to the oscilloscope and observe its stability. It will have a fixed voltage if it is stable. A stable voltage is easy to measure. An unstable one has to be averaged over a period.

Question: When you increase the stability to the point where the voltage is relatively constant, how would that specifically affect the audio signal?

Answer: The audio signal becomes stable. There is no drop in signal voltage. The frequencies more stable.

"There is no drop in signal,” means there is no sudden fall or rise in the voltage of the signal.

The strength of a stable signal remains fairly the same, making its dynamic range to be completely contained within the range of hearing, if it is an audio signal. In digital systems, a stable signal results in few errors and in power systems, it increases the life span of electrical appliances.

An unstable signal results in equipment damage, errors in digital systems, and in audio systems results in the possibility of hearing damage.

 A listener hears a fairly uniform sound when the voltage is stable. For an unstable signal, a listener hears a sudden rise or fall in sound.

Signals appeared to be more stable with Coherence Technology.

Survey For Audio Signal Preference

In a survey of a cross section of consumers, two identical audio recordings were played. One had been processed with CT. 

The result: 86% preferred the processed recording. Several follow-up “blind” and “double blind” tests resulted in a wide majority preferring recordings with Coherence Technology.

“Not only are the sounds clearer on my cassette tapes produced from this master, but the tone quality of the music is noticeably more true to the original sounds.” --Musician, Producer

Absolute sound summary of test: After plugging in the unit: “… What it does to the sound of the stereo is subtle but amazing. There is just a sense of looking further into the music – a lowering of the fatigue level and a sense of (dare I use the word?) coherency and depth.”