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A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for measuring time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Increased Signal-To-Noise Ratio in the Time Domain at the Envelope of an Audio Signal Without External Amplification Or Filtering

According to quantum physics it is possible to verify an increase in the underlying coherence of an audio signal by observing a scientifically significant increase in the signal-to-noise ratio in the time domain at the envelope of that audio signal.

A study was conducted to see how Coherence Technology (CT) would affect the signal to-noise ratio in the time domain of the envelope of an audio signal. Sound Technologies Spectra Plus software-based signal analyzer was used to measure the left output channel of a CD player. Tests were done with pre-recorded selections of flute and acoustic guitar. Each instrument was measured separately, first without using the CT. Then with the CT connected to the CD player.

When the CT equipment was connected, the results showed a significant increase in signal-to-noise-ratio (an average of 20% and up to 95%), more detailed information, greater dynamic range, as well as more; clarity, resolution, intelligibility, and fullness of sound. 

Signal to noise graph

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Later, with the more advanced Coherence Technology equipment and a hardware-based signal analyzer,  the increase in the signal-to-noise ratio was even more significant.

Further studies with Coherence Technology found that as signal-to-noise ratios increase, actual intelligibility increases (see research on increases in EEG brain coherence), and listener fatigue decreases. These changes indicate that the application of CT is effective in increasing the underlying coherence of an audio signal.  

This increase in underlying coherence has benefits in terms of the overall technological performance and compatibility of electronic signals, and for the living systems influenced by those signals.