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A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, approaches a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for the measurement of time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Faster Reaction Time And Increased Accuracy
With Coherence Technology

CT Production IC

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EEG and Task Performance (CPT Test)

EEG and Alertness

Dr. M. Barry Sterman, a Professor Emeritus in the departments of Neurobiology and Biobehavioral Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine conducted a research study to provide an initial but scientifically rigorous evaluation of the effects of CT on the electrical activity of the human brain.

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Three subjects were studied. Each person participated in test trials administered over a six-hour period. Subjects wore a standardized electrode cap with 19 recording sites. All data was recorded and stored on a hard disk.

Test 1) EEG and Task performance

A computerized version of the Continuous Performance Task, or CPT, was administered. This test records accuracy and recall of cognitive stimuli. All subjects were seated in front of a computer and were given the CPT test. The test was repeated four times: twice with the CT equipment disconnected and twice with the CT equipment connected. Subjects were not aware when the equipment was connected or disconnected.

On the cognitive test, two of the three subjects showed a 20% faster reaction time along with a 3 to 17% increase in accuracy when the CT was on.

The researcher concludes that despite the fact that few subjects were studied, the overall picture that emerges is that CT had a meaningful and positive effect on the subject’s ability to sustain attention. “Such a finding was both unprecedented and unexpected.”

Test 2) EEG and Alertness

All subjects were seated on a reclining chair lined with a mat containing the CT. They were asked to close their eyes and relax for 30 minutes. This procedure was repeated four times; twice with the CT disconnected and twice with the CT connected.

During the resting phase, when the CT was off, all subjects showed brain wave patterns that were indicative of drowsiness and sleep (which is natural in a reclining chair with eyes closed). When the CT was turned on, EEG patterns were similar to those patterns of activity in the brain systematically associated with superior attention and memory performance. 

The researcher commented that: “this (CT) equipment appeared to support general attention and suppress the urge to drowsiness and sleep, even when the eyes were closed for a prolonged period. This provocative conclusion is certainly worthy of further investigation.”

Dr. LeGunn EEG findings with Quantum Byte Software:

“Dr. LeGunn has completed his testing and has good results. He tested about six subjects before and after exposure to the CT Software while using a computer and I am advised there were significant/positive brain wave changes in the majority of subjects."

This finding is based on the initial interpretation by the Doctor administering the EEG tests.

(EEG brain wave coherence has been scientifically correlated with greater creativity, improved short and long term memory, better grades in school, increased IQ, improved moral reasoning, improved concept learning, etc.)


Coherence Technology (CT), as explored through scientific studies such as those by Dr. M. Barry Sterman and Dr. LeGunn, appears to have significant potential for innovators and new product developers focused on improving task performance and alertness. The results from initial experiments suggest a range of benefits that could be harnessed across various applications. Here’s a breakdown of the value it offers and its potential applications:
### Benefits of Coherence Technology:
1. **Improved Task Performance:**
- **Increased Accuracy:** Preliminary studies show an increase in accuracy during tasks (up to 17%), which can lead to higher quality outputs in professional and academic settings.
- **Faster Reaction Times:** A 20% faster reaction time was observed, enhancing productivity and efficiency in task execution.
2. **Enhanced Alertness:**
- **Suppression of Drowsiness:** CT seems to aid in maintaining alertness, even in restful scenarios, which can be beneficial in professions requiring extended periods of attentive work.
- **Maintained High Alertness Levels:** Continuously high alertness without the typical downtrends can lead to sustained performance over long periods.
3. **EEG Brain Wave Coherence:**
- **Enhanced Cognitive Functions:** Improved coherence correlates with better creativity, memory, IQ, and learning capabilities, thus directly contributing to the efficiency and innovative capabilities of users.
### Potential Applications:
1. **Workplace Efficiency Tools:**
- CT could be integrated into office environments or remote working tools to help maintain or increase productivity and reduce errors, especially in roles requiring high levels of concentration and cognitive engagement.
2. **Educational Tools:**
- Implementing CT in educational technologies could help students maintain better focus and comprehension during learning sessions, potentially leading to improved academic performance.
3. **Healthcare:**
- In cognitive rehabilitation or therapy, CT could be used to enhance brain function in patients with cognitive impairments or in post-trauma recovery.
4. **Military and Aviation:**
- CT might be applied to training simulators or operational equipment to keep soldiers and pilots alert and responsive in high-stake environments.
5. **Consumer Electronics:**
- Devices like virtual reality headsets or gaming consoles could utilize CT to provide users with a more immersive and responsive experience.
### Measuring the Impact:
To validate these benefits and extend the application of Coherence Technology further, more exhaustive and broader studies would be required. These studies should ideally encompass a more diverse participant base, varied environmental settings, and longitudinal data to measure long-term impacts. Furthermore, standardized metrics for measuring "coherence" in real-world tasks and settings would be essential to establish a universally accepted reference standard.
By expanding research and development in these directions, innovators and product developers can harness the potential of Coherence Technology not just for improving individual productivity and cognitive performance, but also for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in technology and human capability.