Exact Measurement? For Innovation, and Progress

A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, approaches a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for the measurement of time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Noise Reduction: Can It Support Our
Natural Decision Making Abilities
And Increase Our Organizing Power?

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Decision making power lies at the heart of every organization

Organizing Power And Decision Making Power Start From The Same Point Of Balance Between Opposite Values

 How is it that some people are able to access this state of balance even in the midst of dynamic and even chaotic activity?

Dr. Gary Klein has extensively studied how split-second life-saving decisions are made in the real world. He talks about the importance of both stories and procedures to prepare people for making good decisions even under pressure.

Throughout history stories have been used to educate the new generations in preparation for living a fulfilling, useful life. The most ancient stories, that have lasted for thousands of years and continue to reappear again and again, reflect the basic underlying patterns, the laws of nature, or, we could say the blueprint, that is key to the self organization and decision making in natural systems.

These stories have been for centuries systematically applied to improve decision making abilities in daily life. We can look at the example of Arjuna on the battlefield in the Bhagavd Gita, a story that has been translated and commented on thousands of times. In order to help him make perfect decisions, Arjuna has to be brought to a state of balance, where his heart and mind are working coherently together. Established in this state of perfect balance, where the mind is established in "being" is revealed as the key to spontaneous perfect decision making. Allowing the mind to settle down to quieter levels (transcend) is the practical way to establish that state of balance. This one "story" gives insight that supports every decision. Here is a link to the book. It brings out the technique of spontaneously accessing the resolute intellect. The Resolute intellect is the same kind of intellect that Dr. Gary Klein is looking at in his research.

The Same Pattern Applies To A Group: Consensus Decision Making, The secret to getting to an agreement

The challenge in group decision making is to allow maximum diversity to function to give birth to the widest range of creative solutions, while simultaneously keeping the unifying values lively. The Pattern is  the same as restful alertness on an individual level where the opposite values of restfulness and alertness are lively simultaneously in the individual mind. Coming to a consensus in a group is similar to coming to a state of resolute intellect in the individual.

There are simple ways to facilitate the ideal group decision making process so that coming to a consensus will be effortless and progress will not be blocked. Distortion-free information and a supportive environment can go a long way to facilitate consensus decision making. The technologies commonly used on a daily basis (cell phones, computers, epads, etc.) can either support flexibility, creativity, and clear thinking, or these technologies can add noise which skews information signals and lead to discrepancies and miscommunications in the decision making process.

Increasing Natural Decision Making Power By Reducing Noise In Modern Technologies

Mastering the natural decision making process enables ordinary people to become powerful change agents, reducing uncertainty and insuring sustainable progress. Making decisions in the midst of uncertainty, chaos and confusion is a skill that everyone can develop automatically. It is a natural part of being human. Humans are born with the cognitive tools needed for making deliberate conscious choices even in crisis.

In a modern world where chaos and confusion are part of our everyday lives, balanced decision-making is more valuable than ever. CEOs and managers who master the ability to access their innate decision making power and the decision making power of their teams, enjoy unrestricted progress and avoid being derailed from accomplishing their goals. Everybody knows this.

Upgrading everyday technologies to be more integrated, more coherent and less 'noisy' has been found to directly influence brain coherence and optimize our natural decision making power to automatically improve our probability of success, and reduce the risk of making decisions that lead to problems. 

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