Exact Measurement For Innovation, and Progress

A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, establishes a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for measuring time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Advantages Of Applying Coherence Technology's Quantum Noise Reduction System (QNRS™)
To Electrical/Electronic Design

QNRS™ uses superconductive principles on the level of the electrical ground to increase phase coherence and signal integrity to improve the overall technological performance of a system 

  1. Coherence Technology's Quantum Noise Reduction System QNRS™ increases the signal to noise ratio of electronic signals by an average of 65% to improve signal integrity for electronic signals. This increase in energy amplitude is accomplished by increasing conductivity on the level of the ground plane. See research signal to noise.
  2. QNRS™ increases the operating efficiency for industrial electrical motors. Tests indicate a reduction in operating temperature by applying QNRS. Heat represents loss of energy. Reducing wasted or lost energy means greater efficiency. See research industrial motors run cooler. Note: QNRS can also increase the efficiency of electrical generators.
  3. QNRS™ Increases the conductivity of the ground plane to increase electrical conductivity and increases bioelectric conductivity for the end user. Users report less eye fatigue, less stress, and less general fatigue, with increased clear thinking. See research Increased electrical conductivity supports increased bioelectrical conductivity.
  4. QNRS™ increases EEG brain coherence and improves task performance. EEG brain coherence is scientifically correlated with alertness, creativity, decision making, reaction time, etc.. See research on increased EEG brain coherence and Improved alertness and task performance.
  5. QNRS™ increases the compatibility between technology and living systems. Tests indicate positive effects for  plants and animals. See research on increased agricultural yields, and cows settling down.