Exact Measurement? For Innovation, and Progress

A coherence-based Noise Reduction System, approaches a time-independent reference, or exact standard, for the measurement of time. Download summary of scientific research here.

Technological overview

An Emerging Technology Upgrade
That's Ready To Be Commercialized Today

Over the past three hundred years science has refined our understandings of how nature works. Modern science and technology have improved the quality of our lives.

But we still see chronic problems, stress, illnesses and pollution. There is a need for further improvement.

Coherence Industries has discovered a flaw at the foundation of modern science and technology. This flaw lies between the theoretical and the applied values of scientific knowledge. The inefficiencies caused by overlooking this flaw cost our global economy several trillion dollars a year.

The mistake arises from the way modern science and technology measure technological motion. The measurement of motion is used in electrical, chemical, genetic, nano, and nuclear technologies which impact almost all of our products and services today.

To address the problems caused by this flaw, such as discrepancies in electrical currents, electronic noise and low quality electronic information signals, bit rate errors, and information overload, to name a few, Coherence Industries has developed Coherence Technology™ to improve the overall quality performance, and efficiency of electricity. The commercialization of this technology upgrade, as we will see, presents a business and investment opportunity.

Technology Overcomes Fundamental Discrepancies in Technological Motion

CT Production IC

Areas of Application of Coherence Technology Pdf download here: https://www.upgradingtechnology.com/support-files/areasofapplication.pdf

Coherence Technology™ and its practical application, Quantum Noise Reduction System™ (CT/QNRS™),  has been designed to overcome a flaw in the measurement system. Measurement of time is used as the foundation of modern technologies. 

CT/QNRS can be applied across a wide range of industries and provides a way for business and industry to increase the value of products and services.  Coherence Industries has discovered that technological innovation and progress are limited by the way we measure time and motion. Both  precision and accuracy are required for a measurement system to be valid. The way we currently measure motion creates discrepancies of time and amplitude and leads to: incoherence, incomplete information, unwanted side effects, and problems. As technology advances into finer time and distance scales, reducing discrepancies becomes even more critical for technological progress.

  • Coherence Technology™ increases precision, or repeatability, without reducing accuracy, and increases the underlying amplitude of coherence for technological motion.
  • The repeatability of technological motion improves and maintains performance over time and distance.
  • Improved performance increases the value of products and services.
  • The quality of products and services affects the individual user, organizations, the society, and the ecology.
  • Sir Isaac Newton improved the way we measure motion and made the industrial age possible.
  • Albert Einstein improved the way we measure motion and made the information age possible.
  • Coherence Technology opens the door for science and technology to discover new possibilities for improving technological and biological performance.

Upgrading Technology By Providing Systematic Access to More Exact Measurement to Increase the Coherence of Technological Motion:

Note: The property of coherence is the basis for commercial applications such as holography, the Sagnac gyroscope, radio antenna arrays, optical coherence tomography and telescope interferometers (astronomical optical interferometers and radio telescopes), to name a few. It is also the basis for the efficiency and effectiveness of any electrical power transmission and electronic information signal.

      How More Exact Measurement Influences the Scales of Time







Refining the interactive compatibility between technological and biological motion







CT/QNRS reduces impedance and measurement uncertainty for technology by reducing noise on the ground. 

Upgrading the Quality Performance and Efficiency of Electrical technologies

Although CT/QNRS can be applied to any technology (nuclear, nano, genetic, chemical, and electrical,) for practical reasons, Coherence Industries has initially chosen to apply their discovery to electrical technologies. Coherence Industries has developed Coherence Technology and its practical application, Quantum Noise Reduction System (CT/QNRS™) to provide systematic access to a more fundamental level at the junction point in transformational states. Access to a more fundamental level of the junction point, has been shown to reduce impedance and measurement uncertainty, by reducing noise on the ground, in electrical technologies. Initial findings were well received by leading scientists, government officials, and business executives around the world.

Coherence Industries initially narrowed their research to electronic information signals. Rather than altering the content of the information, or the waveform that carries the information, Coherence Industries found that there was a need to increase signal resolution without sacrificing signal integrity. In this way the content of the information is unaltered, but the quality of the electronic information is improved over time and distance. 

Based on this discovery CI developed software and hardware products to improve the technical performance of audio, video, data, and wireless signals (telephones, computers, wireless networks, servers, TVs, lasers, etc.). Coherence Technology has been scientifically validated, technologically verified, and successfully test marketed.

Improving electronic signal quality and increasing efficiency, by reducing impedance and measurement uncertainty from the level of the ground:

      Low Quality Signal                             Higher Quality Signal

   Incomplete Information                     More Complete Information

                    Noise                                                    Less Noise

Coherence Technology reduces impedance and measurement uncertainty, without altering the original content of the electronic information signal. This approach is like paving an old gravel road. Performance and efficiency increase automatically without altering the vehicle.

Car on a bumpy gravel road   vs    car on a newly paved road

The following changes have been measured with the application of CT/QNRS to electronic information signals:

Improved Technological Performance Improves Biological Performance

The approach of improving the performance of the electronic signal has the side benefit of improving cognitive function to improve human performance while reducing stress and fatigue for the end user.

According to a paper entitled: Performance-Based Measurement of Speech Quality with an Audio Proof-Reading Task By Mark Huckvale, Gaston Hilkhuysen, Deizom Frasi of the Department of Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences of the University College London, London, U.K. "changes in signal quality lead to measurable changes in cognitive effort required to process speech."

This finding indicates that higher quality electronic information signals are more intelligible to the brain, have a positive impact on cognitive function, and are easier for the human brain to pick up and process.  Better cognitive function saves time and energy and reduces the problem of mental strain, information overload, and stress, by making the brain spontaneously capable of processing more information with fewer mistakes, and without getting overwhelmed by the task.

By offering a solution to the problem of information overload, Coherence Technology Improves human performance, while reducing stress and fatigue. This solution automatically and effortlessly increases productivity for business, industry, government, military, intelligence, and non profit organizations.

Lost productivity Due to Stress in the Workplace Costs U.S. Corporations over 600 Billion Dollars a Year

Typical employees experience their world through electronic information signals for an average of eight hours per day. Due to the current incoherence within electronic information signals, this interaction between electronic devices and employees can lead to information overload and stress that can reduce human performance.  

Coherence Industries has discovered that the quality of the electronic information signals can affect the quality of human performance. By increasing the coherence of the electronic information signals you can increase the brain coherence of the employees and reduce stress, fatigue and burnout. The application of Coherence Technology to the electronic information signals in the workplace represents a unique opportunity to reduce stress and increase productivity.

With the application of CT/QNRS, the more precise, more coherent, electronic information signals have a unique and beneficial effect on the brain. The information carried by the signal is more coherent and easier for the brain and nervous system to process. These more precise signals increase global EEG brain coherence (global EEG brain coherence is scientifically correlated with greater intelligence and creativity, faster reaction time, higher moral reasoning, increased emotional stability, and many more beneficial qualities.) What you put your attention on impacts the functioning of the brain. When employees put their attention on the more coherent electronic information signals, the functioning of the brain becomes more integrated and their productivity increases.

A more integrated brain is less vulnerable to stress and fatigue. Less strain and fatigue means a more coherent, more effective workforce. A more effective workforce is automatically and effortlessly more productive.

  • CT/QNRS improves the precision of electronic information signals without sacrificing accuracy, and reduces information overload.  
  • CT/QNRS requires no training, no extra motivation, and no behavioral modification. Just by following their current routine employees are more productive. 
  • CT/QNRS can be easily implemented, is compatible with existing systems, and is scalable.
  • The effects of CT/QNRS are cumulative guarding against market saturation.

Through licensing CT/QNRS to software developers, online services, product manufacturers, and business management consultants, we can increase the value of their products and services for their clients. Because electronic information signals impact every industry today, Coherence Technology provides innovations for the following markets:  advertising, aerospace, brain training, business information systems, communications, consumer electronics, digital readers, education, entertainment, health care, medical diagnosis and treatment, robotics, chain restaurants and stores, smart phone apps, social networks, software, training, transportation, virtual realities, web based services, wireless networks, workforce management, and many more. 

An Approach to Solving the Problem of Information Overload, Improving Human Performance, and Reducing Stress to Increase Productivity for the Human Resource Industry 

Coherence Technology software and hardware products increase the coherence and intelligibility of electronic information signals, improve cognitive function, and help employees be more productive because they can more effortlessly gather information, process it, and apply it. 

Without changing anything in the work routine employees automatically become a more productive workforce.

Measured results:

Coherence Technology™ offers corporations an opportunity to increase productivity and reduce stress through the same electronic devices that employees are already using everyday, simply by upgrading the coherence of the signals that travel through those devices. Nothing new to do. Nothing new to learn.

Effects of Coherence Technology on the Environment

By increasing coherence in electrical technologies we improve the overall quality performance of electrical equipment and electronic devices. Increasing the coherence and intelligibility of the signals also has a side benefit of improving human performance and reducing stress and fatigue.  

Applications of Coherence Technology have produced beneficial effects in homes, office buildings, restaurants, stores, etc.

Coherence Industries predicted that in larger environments, such as metropolitan areas, increasing the levels of underlying coherence through the electrical power transmission system, would result in beneficial effects above and beyond the technological, individual, and organizational levels. There would also be sociological and ecological benefits.

When Coherence Industries expanded its application to a major metropolitan area, the cumulative effects of increasing the coherence and stability of electrical systems improved the quality of life for the entire area. 

To monitor the changes, Coherence Industries used the South Coast Air Quality Board's predicted and actual data, to track the changes in air quality over several months. Coherence Industries found reductions in the accumulated pollution from automobiles, factories, and power plants.

Reduced Pollution Levels

The Los Angeles South Coast Basin, with 11 million people living in an area of 13,600 square miles, has the most serious air-quality problems in the United States. 

Over the first nine days of the pilot project, reported levels of ozone in the area dropped significantly, leveling off below the federal clean air standard of 0.100 parts per million (ppm).

Air-quality forecasters had not predicted these drops. In fact, for the duration of the project (Aug. 3 to Oct. 22) ozone levels consistently fell below day-to-day predictions. In all, air quality improved by an average of 43%.

When the pilot project ended, within two weeks actual ozone and nitrous oxide levels returned to the predicted levels, and in several areas exceeded state and federal limits.

The results suggest that Coherence Technology can improve the quality of the environment. This has implications for the health and well-being of people living in metropolitan areas worldwide. Coherence Industries also suggests that if this project is adopted in major cities around the world it could help to replenish the high altitude ozone layer. 

See air quality study